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Grants and Researchers

‘‘Grants and Researchers’’ is a card game for 3–5 players designed to simulate the experience of ethical decision making within the context of academic research. Each player assumes the role of a researcher who submits grant proposals and manages the fulfillment of ongoing grants while having opportunities to collaborate with other researchers and challenge the integrity of other researchers’ grant work. As the researchers further their careers towards game victory, they face many situations where they must decide whether to make the most ethical decision or to cut corners.

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Majority Rules

“Majority Rules” is a 1-5 player web-based multiple choice assisted social game where players are challenged to review scenarios that present complex ethical dilemmas and then choose the LEAST ethical given response to the dilemma. Once all players have locked in their answers, each is given the opportunity to verbally advocate their choice to attempt to persuade other players to switch to their answer. When all advocating is done the round is complete and is scored. The game repeats this process with a new round until all the scenarios are completed. The player with the most points at the end wins the game.